Use Whatsapp
to Message Employees.

Send and track rich media messages to non-email employees from one place.

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Non-desk employee opens a proactive whatsapp message with his payslip attached message on Sweesh bulk WhatsApp software

Increase effective communication

Bulk whatsapp tool for internal communication on Sweesh bulk WhatsApp software
Use whatsapp for employee communications and send payslips and documents directly to employees on whatsapp with Sweesh bulk WhatsApp software


Go Digital Effortlessly

Sweesh let's you send unique pdf documents, like payslips, directly to employees.


Customize & Improve Onboarding

Create customised onboarding messages, including videos, images and pdfs on WhatsApp so new employees have what they need.

Proactive whatsapp message for internal communication to customize and improve onboarding with Sweesh bulk WhatsApp software
Use whatsapp for internal communication to employees to send information directly and avoid miscommunication with Sweesh bulk WhatsApp software


Avoid Broken Telephone Messages

Send communication directly to all employees so they get all the information first-hand to avoid confusion and miscommunication.


Increase Adoption of Employee App

Send links and notices on WhatsApp to drive engagement to your employee app or intranet.

Use proactive whatsapp for internal communication with employees to drive engagement with Sweesh bulk WhatsApp software

We’ll have you up in weeks, not months

Sweesh is a web-based platform that doesn’t need any special integrations, so you can start messaging your employees without needing to develop any special tools.