Market Directly to Customers on WhatsApp

Sweesh is an all-inclusive tool to send and track rich media messages to customers.

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Girl receives Promotional whatsapp marketing message on her phone with Sweesh bulk WhatsApp software

Reach Your Customers in New Ways

Easily create promotional whatsapp marketing messages to reach target audiences with Sweesh bulk WhatsApp software
Attach images, videos, documents and links to promotional whatsapp marketing messages with Sweesh bulk WhatsApp software


Go Beyond
160 characters

Take advantage of longer character limits and include images, documents, videos and links.


Track Campaign Effectiveness

Use the advanced tracking dashboard so you can see how your campaigns are performing.

Tracking analytics to measure performance of proactive whatsapp marketing campaigns with Sweesh bulk WhatsApp software
Sweesh integrates with whatsapp for business to send proactive whatsapp notifications and whatsapp marketing campaigns,Sweesh bulk WhatsApp software


Social Messaging Made Easy

Sweesh seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp for Business so you can easily use WhatsApp to reach customers.


Create Targeted Campaigns

Upload thousands of contacts and create customized segmented lists.

Upload customized segmented contact lists to create targeted proactive whatsapp promotional marketing messages with Sweesh bulk WhatsApp software