What to Do When You Land in a Communications Rut

Think back over the last month? What communications have you sent out? Do you feel a little 'blah' about it and you're not getting a response because your employees have stopped looking at your internal communications? Are you sending out the same mass email every week with irrelevant information? If you had to ask your employees about the company’s values or which new people have come on board, would they even know?

If the answer was “Yes” to any of these questions, you’ve probably ended up in a communications rut. It’s  easy to do when you get into a routine of producing the same pieces of communication that have always worked well in the past. But just because you're sending something out doesn’t mean that your employees have actually engaged with it.

Remember that employees are your internal customers

Just like you take the time to really think about the kinds of content and how you share it with your customers and clients, you should be doing the same for your employees. If the information they're presented with isn’t engaging, informative and insightful, they're not going to pay attention to it any more than you skip the ads in your social media feed or delete those spammy emails without even opening them.

Shake things up a little

If you carry on doing the same things over and over, you're going to get the same, and even possibly worse results. The advent of social media has done amazing things for two-way communication in large companies, giving employees a source of feedback in a way that allows acknowledgment of their comments. The days of the “suggestion box” that never gets read are long gone. Employees expect their voices to be heard and social media tools like chat rooms, social messaging and forums on the intranet allow for that to happen.

Is anyone actually reading the all-staff emails with important updates? Why not try using a social messaging channel like WhatsApp to send engaging, rich media communication directly to their phones. They're using messaging apps all the time, so it's something they're already familiar with. You can get really creative with the content you're sending and it will be sure to capture attention when they aren’t distracted by email or walking past those posters in the kitchen.

Make your employees feel appreciated

have you considered that maybe your employees feel underappreciated and forgotten. That’s a perfect opportunity for introducing a simple employee recognition program. Whether it's a shout out to everyone recognizing a big achievement, or just giving a voucher for a free coffee to keep the team motivated, it doesn't have to be anything extravagant, but it will mean the world to whoever receives it and getting a free coffee and a virtual high-five is an awesome thing!

Get out of your communications rut today!

The most important thing to remember is to be creative. Internal communication doesn’t have to be stodgy and boring or impersonal and formal. It can warm, casual and even funny at times. If you need help coming up with fresh ideas for your internal communications, check out our article on using WhatsApp for Internal Communications here.

There's a world of possibilities with the WhatsApp Business API for your internal communications, but we understand if it may feel a little overwhelming to get started. Get in touch with us to find out how Sweesh can help you kick your communications into high gear without needing to develop any complicated tools.

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